Interactive Presentation


Interactive Visualization

We create interactive presentations for trade fairs and advertising purposes as mobile apps or web applications. Based on the Unity engine we create modern Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

Interactive Apps

Inspire your customers with an interactive application filled with your content. We create apps of all kinds for Android, iOS and web browsers.

Augumented Reality

Combines the real world with 3D graphics and touchable information for all modern mobile devices with an integrated camera.

Virtual Reality

VR is on everyone’s lips as the most modern form of presentation. We create VR applications for all common VR systems such as Occulus Rift & HTC Vive.

Technological competence

Technical solutions needed? We offer our expertise in technology and electronics. As experienced makers we make many things possible.

Automotive AR-App

This multi-platform app was developed using the Unity-3D engine. The Agumented Reality App projects the realistic 3D object of a car prototype into the place of a printed marker, at which all new technologies offered by our customer are vividly explained with stylish animations. The individual functions can be activated in the touch-controlled menu.

Client: Designmanufacture/Merck

Automotive VR Presentation

This Virtual Reality application enables our customer to present all offered automotive technologies clearly using a 3D car model. For the platform we use a PC with VR glasses (e.g. like in the video demonstration the HTC Vive). In virtual reality, the functions can be operated either by a menu on the users forearm or by spherical function triggers distributed throughout the virtual reality room.

Client: Designmanufacture/Merck

Mainova AR-App

This AR app was developed to be used on a road tour in order to provide customers with information in a playful way. In order to activate these functions, the customer the tablet over a large-scale wall picture, in which certain picture patterns activate corresponding portions of the interactive presentation.

Client: PHCC/Mainova
Gemafree Music:
‚Continuity‘ by FRAMETRAXX

Mainova Interactive App

The second part of the road tour app consists of a presentation app that can be operated via a touch screen and is executed on an Android tablet. The customer switches from the overview map of the region to further information, which is executed as videos, interactive presentations or image-text layouts.

Client: PHCC/Mainova

Gemafreie Musik:
‚Continuity‘ von FRAMETRAXX

Interior design in Virtual Reality

This Virtual Reality application is a fully walkable photorealistic simulation of an apartment. In this way, the rooms can be viewed from anywhere in the world, almost as if you were really there. This is an ideal promotion tool for real estate agents and architects. As soon as a floor plan is available, we can construct a 3D representation from it and create a presentation even before the construction begins.

Assets: ArchVizPRO

Making Of RTI-Scanner

This Maker project combines the three disciplines: mechanics, electronics and programming to a functioning device. Reflectance Transformation Imaging, RTI for short, is a technique that was first introduced at Siggraph 2001. It enables images to be reproduced realistically under different light conditions because the depth information of the surface is stored. This can be used to scan archaeological finds. Museums can digitize many of their exhibits and make them accessible.

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